Due to COVID-19, my business has had to shift direction. Can you help us with innovative and creative marketing ideas to drive new changes forward?

Yes, a significant reason why we’re in this line of business is because of our ability to come up with innovative solutions for our clients. We’ll work to understand your unique situation and brainstorm ideas with you. We’ve helped clients reinvent their service offerings and shift their communications strategy as a result of the COVID-19 situation.

I feel overwhelmed by all of the different marketing tactics out there. Where should my team start?

Marketing can seem like a daunting field. You may have wondered, should I be on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Should I run a Google Ads campaign or optimize my website for search rankings. How often should I send out an email newsletter? How does a blog drive traffic to my website? Should I have landing pages and host webinars? The list goes on. 

What distinguishes Catch Communications is our consultative approach. We begin by assessing your business, your industry, your short-term and long-term goals to help you develop the best plan of attack for you. What you end up doing will come down to what your needs are, your budget, and the timeline for the project.

What are the best ways to generate more leads?

The best ways to generate more leads come down to the nature of your business, your industry, your location, and who your customers are. We can help you with the initial market research and strategic planning needed to figure out the best ways for you to generate more leads, which may include a variety of inbound and outbound lead generation methods. 

How are marketing services priced?

Agencies typically bill by hourly rates, project-specific rates, and monthly retainers. Our pricing depends on the scope and complexity of each project. We offer packages customizable to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

Digital marketing spend is expected to increase to 45% of total marketing budget in 2020. This rate is likely even higher now due to COVID-19, and we will update these stats as research becomes available.

How much should I budget for marketing?

The U.S. Small Business Administration suggests allocating 7% – 8% of gross annual revenue to marketing; however, this depends on your business and how competitive your industry is. We see businesses invest anywhere from 4% – 16% of their revenue.

Marketing spending as a percent of company revenue varies by industry. Business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses tend to devote a higher percentage of revenue towards marketing at an average of 15.6%, according to Gartner CMO Survey. Business-to-business (B2B) companies invest, on average, 8.6% of revenue towards marketing.

My sales team sells services to senior level decision-makers. Can you help with B2B marketing?

Yes, we support sales teams with lead generation, lead nurturing, and post-sale client satisfaction and retention. We assist with market research, competitor tracking, LinkedIn content creation and profile management. We can also generate contact lists for sales outreach. 

How do I know if Catch Communications is a good match for my business?

If you’re a senior leader who believes in building long-term relationships with a commitment to the growth and success of your business, we might be a good match! While we are not for everyone, after your initial consultation, you’ll have more information to make a decision.

Our company has been in business for a long time, and we get all of our business from referrals. Should we bother investing in an online presence at this point?

A well-crafted online presence works for you 24/7. A professionally created and active online presence helps your company to open up new doors to business opportunities.

Social media is similar to in-person business events, conferences, and trade shows where you are in control of your image and who you want to meet. Today, with technology and automation tools available, creating and optimizing your online marketing efforts is a way to increase your efficiency over the long-term significantly.

Can you guarantee results on projects?

No agency can guarantee results across all marketing initiatives. If they can, you may want to run. Some SEO providers will claim that they can guarantee the first-page rank on Google.

The good news is that our team will be candid and upfront with the expectations that you will receive. We’ll walk you through how return on investment is measured for each marketing initiative so that you know what the risks and rewards are.

Marketing is a long-term investment.

It is an ongoing iterative process subject to many variables, including competitor forces, supplier and buyer power influences. Additionally, political, economic, socioeconomic, technological, legal, and environmental influences will impact your marketing efforts. Internally, your staff members are making decisions for your company that will also affect your marketing results.


How can a marketing strategy help my business?

A strategy helps your company to lay down the foundation for long-term success versus short-term quick wins. It outlines the steps a firm will take to achieve its goals and objectives. Comprehensive marketing strategy plans emphasize how a firm will combine the 4 P’s of marketing (product, pricing, placement (distribution), and promotions to create a successful offering. The plan breaks down the implementation, schedule, and controls to watch out for.

Typically, our clients require the most assistance with their marketing communications strategy. As such, our efforts may be solely focused on or more heavily concentrated on promotion with less emphasis on product, pricing, and placement (distribution).

Content Marketing

Which communications mediums should I use for content marketing?

The appropriate communications mediums for your company will depend on who you intend to reach and what purpose you want to achieve. During our consultation process, we will walk you through the options that we offer, including social media, blogs, email newsletters, web pages, landing pages, and press releases.

Do I need a blog on my website?

Blogging can help to increase your search ranking. Blogs focused around specific topics that people are searching for online will increase traffic to your website, which is why it is vital to have an SEO blogging strategy.

On top of SEO benefits, blogging helps your brand to build authority by establishing yourself as an expert in your field who can educate others on particular topics. Every blog post is an opportunity for you to attract new visitors to your website, to target specific keywords, to offer content that your audience will appreciate. Blogs also provide you with the opportunity for you to answer common customer questions before they even reach out to you. As a result, you’ll end up with higher quality leads over time.

How effective is email marketing in 2020?

While email marketing open rates are no longer as high as they once were 10 – 15 years ago, email is still an effective medium to reach audiences who already know who you are and have provided consent to receive your emails. Email marketing helps you to stay top-of-mind with your contacts while fostering conversations. It offers an opportunity for you to educate your customers, provide them with useful news and updates while checking in on their needs to ensure you’re excelling in your customer service.

How often should I be publishing new content?

Frequency depends on what you want to achieve, how quickly you want to get there, and how much you can invest in content marketing. Content marketing is most effective when executed consistently. We can help you take an honest look at your resources to determine how much content you should produce, what days and times to post, and what the best distribution strategy is.

Social Media

How soon can I expect to see ROI on social media?

To determine how quickly you can see return on investment (ROI) on your social media efforts, we must first understand how social media ROI is measured. The full value of using social media for your business is not entirely measured in dollars. Therefore, not every organization will be able to attribute revenue directly to their social media.

Measuring social media ROI is essential as we continue to test and optimize your social media strategy. Data collected over time provides valuable insights for us to iterate. Social media algorithms, trends, and relevancy changes daily. We help organizations to stay on top of new platforms and technology changes as they happen so that you can ensure you earn a good ROI on your social media investment.

Examples of measurable and specific social media goals and outcomes:


GOAL: Brand awareness – Increase awareness of our new service line

OUTCOME: Increase website traffic to new service line web page by 25% by the end of Q3



GOAL: Customer experience –  Increase engagement with past customers to enhance brand loyalty

OUTCOME: Search and follow 100 past customers on social media by the end of Q3


GOAL: Lead generation –  Provide the sales team with high-quality leads through social media

OUTCOME: Run bi-weekly webinars to drive attendees to book one-on-one sales consultations. Book 10 new consultations each month.


GOAL: Risk mitigation –  Protect the company’s brand online from threats on social media

OUTCOME: Increase response time to any PR crises by 20% by the end of the year


GOAL: Reach –  Increase our followers to reach more of our target audience

OUTCOME: Increase organic followers from 2500 to 2800 in Q2


GOAL: Sign-Ups –  Increase conversion rate on sales of Product X by running paid social media advertisements

OUTCOME: Increase sales revenue of Product X by 10% in Q2

Does my business need to be on social media?

In many industries, there is a universal expectation for businesses to have some sort of social media presence. Over 1/3rd of customers review a business’s online presence before making a purchase decision. Social media can also be a popular and preferred platform for addressing customer service inquiries.

With 3.8 billion people using social media, social media platforms open up new doors for your brand to connect with your stakeholders from new, existing, and past customers to investors, employees, and suppliers in the local and global community. Whether social media is right for your business will depend on several factors. It may or may not be the right area for your business to invest in at this time. Our team can help you figure this out.

What are the best social media platforms to use?

In North America, some of the most popular social media platforms in 2020 include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, and Reddit. The platforms that you use for your business will depend on who your target audience is and the purpose of your social efforts.

How can I grow my following on social media?

While growing your following on social media is one way to increase reach, let’s not confuse reach and popularity with relevance. Reach and popularity does not necessarily equate to influence. To truly become an influential voice amongst your followers, your brand must build human relationships that develop genuine trust and two-way communication.

At Catch Communications, we have a ten-step process to help you grow your influence and following. We use the most up-to-date social media automation tools while keeping up with trends.

Our in-house staff member makes posts on our social media profiles. What are the benefits of outsourcing social media?

You wouldn’t hire a lawyer to fix your leaky faucet! So why would you have your staff who are not trained specialists in marketing and communications take care of your social media? Social media is commonly mistaken as being a reasonably simple task. It is indeed a simple task if there is no strategy behind your social media efforts, and you’re using it simply to publish posts here and there about your organization.

The value of outsourcing social media lies in strategic thinking by experienced marketers who understand precisely how to best reach, engage, and convert your audience into customers. Social media specialists understand the big picture of how your social media approach ties into the rest of your marketing plan. Outsourcing social media allows your company to drive better results with highly trained expertise by your side.


Which advertising channels generate the most significant ROI?

Several factors influence how much you will want to invest in advertising. Generally, for businesses seeking the quickest lead generation results, we see returns from running social media ads and Google ads. For organizations looking to invest in brand awareness advertising, ROI often is measured in many other ways. Surveys and interviews can measure an increase in positive brand awareness. Other key performance indicators include direct web traffic, search data, social media reach, and media coverage.

Why should we hire a marketing firm to set up, manage, and measure the results of our advertising campaigns?

With rising complexities and costs of online advertising, outsourcing ensures that your campaign is put together right from start to end.

Each advertising campaign consists of:

Strategy: the overall plan for the campaign

Ad design process: formulating the concepts and ideas

Ad creative: the imagery and copy

Media buying: purchasing online ads or other forms of media

Campaign management: tracking and making adjustments as needed

Reporting: understanding your ad campaign results

Website Development

I need help with my website content and changes to my copy, code, and metadata. Can you do this for WordPress?

We offer website editing services for WordPress for minor edits. We also design and develop new websites using WordPress. Our website options range from basic 5-page websites to custom web development.