Curious. Creative. Problem Solvers.

Catch Communications Inc., formerly, Anita Lee Digital Marketing, is a marketing agency operating out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We work with professional services companies across North America to help guide their marketing communications programs.

We are experienced marketing and public relations professionals with a passion for the work that we do and the positive impact that we make on our clients’ businesses.

Our Values

What Makes Us Unique


At Catch, we put integrity into the heart of the company. We work as trusted advisors to do the right thing. We are honest with our clients when we feel that a product or service is not the best fit for their needs as it is our mandate to put our client interests first.

We are here to help get you where you want to be in the most efficient way possible.

Active Listeners

The feedback we often receive from our clients is how we take a listen-first approach to their marketing needs.

We take all prospective clients through a unique consultation process that prioritizes understanding your business in its entirety, which allows us to understand what is most important to you. You can feel assured that we are fully engaged, taking notes, and repeating back key information.


We are committed to the success of our projects and embrace the unexpected challenges that life throws our way.

We seek opportunities to help clients discover innovative solutions in the midst of change and uncertainty.